BBC Winter Watch 2019

As a local resident living in the Cairngorms National Park, I’ve always been quite blasé about the nature on my doorstep. I admit I take for granted the Red Squirrels scurrying about in the trees and the deer wandering through my housing estate in Aviemore. The bird song waking me up in the morning.

I sat and watched the BBC Winter Watch programme on my computer last night and felt so naïve about my local environment. I was transfixed at the web cam footage of a sleeping pine marten, of badgers searching for food. I learn’t how the Crossbill eats from pine cones with their specially adapted beak. I loved the enthusiaism of the presenters as they explored the Caledonian pine forest.

By the end of the programme I felt proud to be living in Britain’s wildest landscape and I’m looking forward to the next live episode on BBC 2 9pm 30th January 2019.



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